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Diflucan (Fluconazole)
Generic Name: Fluconazole
Brand Name: Diflucan
Dosage: 50mg / 100mg / 150mg / 200mg

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Diflucan: Antifungal Medication of the Future

Belonging to the class of antifungal remedies, Diflucan can considerably decrease the symptoms of infections, triggered by fungus. The active component of the drug, Fluconazole is appreciated and widely used for the treatment of such infections, which impair diverse body parts and organs, especially bladder, throat, blood, lungs, esophagus, mouth, and genital area.

Generally, Diflucan is appreciated as a revolutionary medication, which can prevent fungal infection, especially in patients with the decreased immune system, usually provoked by AIDS, bone marrow transplant, cancer treatment or similar factors. Besides, the medication can be administered for a range of other conditions, not specified in the safety leaflet. However, you need to contact your medical specialist before off-label Diflucan intake.

Issues to Consider before Diflucan Intake: Contraindications, Restrictions and Warnings

Safety is the primary concern of fungal infection therapy with Diflucan, especially in case you need to avoid possible complications and devastating health impacts. The first step in the treatment course is doctor’s consultation. You should contact your healthcare provider and get a prescription for the pill. Make sure you have no restrictions or contraindications for its use.
People, who are sensitive to Fluconazole or other ingredients of the medication, should not take it. In addition, several other health impairments and disorders can interfere with Diflucan therapy, triggering abnormal reactions and nasty consequences. Your doctor may prescribe you a special Diflucan dose in case you are diagnosed with accompanying or underlying conditions, such as:

  • Heart rhythm disorders or other heart-related problems;
  • Liver dysfunctions;
  • Cancer;
  • Kidney complications;
  • Long QT syndrome or its family or personal history, etc.

Diflucan is available in various forms, so you need to consider the peculiarities of the administered one. For example, oral suspension contains sucrose, so it should not be used by patients with problems digesting milk or sugars.

Besides, pregnant and breastfeeding women should be extremely cautious using Diflucan. A single dose aimed at treatment of vaginal yeast infection is not likely to harm the health of an unborn child, while an increased dose can lead to severe birth defects. The ingredients of the medication can also pass into the milk, triggering dangerous impact on a nursing child.
Diflucan can also decrease the effectiveness of your birth control drugs. Therefore, you need to replace your hormonal medication with non-hormonal alternatives in order to prevent undesirable pregnancy during the treatment course.

Safety Instructions and Recommendations for Diflucan Intake

Administer the medication right in accordance with the doctor’s prescription and other safety directions, mentioned online. Never change the adjusted dose or term of the therapy. Keep in mind that Diflucan dose is not universal, so you cannot start the course with the dose you want. Instead, it will depend mainly on the bothered condition, type of the infection you have and overall health peculiarities.

Diflucan can be taken with or without food. To achieve the maximal results, keep using the treatment for a full course, even if the symptoms of the disorder have disappeared. If you skip doses, you can experience another infection in the future, which will be resistant to antifungal drugs. Do not use Diflucan to treat viral infections and other health complications, unless your doctor advises you otherwise.